This week, the Washington Redskins head to Nashville and I don’t know anybody who cheers for the opponent, the Tennessee Titans. At one time I had a co-worker who liked them, but she kind of had the crazies.

Since I did not have anybody to do a Q&A with about the Titans I was not feeling this game too much. That and the whole Penn State vs. Indiana game yesterday (more to come on that one), played at the Redskins home stadium, FedEx Field (Thank you, Dan Snyder!) Anyway, in keeping with the maddening experience that is being a Redskins fan this season (really, any season since about 1992) I am going to predict that the 4-5 Redskins will beat the 5-4 Titans. On paper, I’m sure the Titans are the superior team, but for some reason they are barely above .500.

Redskins 23

By the way, I had a long post about Joe Theismann breaking his leg 25 years ago this week.

Lastly, I don’t approve of the gold pants with the white jerseys.

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