I just saw on Twitter that the roof for the Metrodome (technically Mall of America Field) collapsed in Minneapolis from snow accumulation. I went over the Star-Tribune, the paper of record in that city, and saw this headline:

“You Survived “Snowmageddon”. Time For A Snowy Post Mortem”


Hey Twin Cities, I get that you have an epic blizzard on your hands, but Snowmageddon belongs to us, Washingtonians and the rest of the Mid-Atlantic who endured the massive snow storms of early February 2010, not you. For stealing our storm name, you probably deserve having the polyester (or whatever it is) roof of your football stadium collapsing. I thought Minnesotans were supposed to be nice, but really, you are a bunch of thieves. First you steal our baseball team, the original Washington Senators and now you still our storm names. HACKS! Couldn’t you have gotten Garrison Keillor to come up with something witty?

Additionally, a football stadium should have not have a roof, so there is yet another reason why this happened. Then there is the whole begging Brett Favre to come back thing, how’d that work out for you?

As punishment, I think that the game between the Vikings and the New York Giants, already rescheduled for Monday, should be moved to the Meadowlands in New Jersey. The new location of the Vikings “home game” should show a continuous loop of Washington Redskins CB Darrell Green breaking up Wade Wilson‘s 4th down pass in the NFC Championship game after the 1988 season:

Gary Anderson missing against the Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs after the 1998 season:

The “original” Hail Mary, Dallas Cowboys WR Drew Person pushing off CB Nate Wright to beat the Vikings in the playoffs after the 1975 season.

Lastly, Favre delivering the Super Bowl berth to the New Orleans Saints:

Have I made my point Minnesota? Come up with your own ideas lest I have to discipline you again.

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