This week’s prediction is from my friend Brad. We go back to the old school days. Brad is a New Jersey native who loves all the pro teams that call the Garden State home (except the Jets of course) plus the New York Yankees. A renaissance man, Brad has been a tight end in high school, a fast food employee, trained mosquito assassin, filmmaker, one-armed stadium concession courier (he broke it playing toga football), dishwasher, computer lab attendant, sportswriter, educator, husband and father. At Penn State he could alter the outcomes of sporting events with his mind. If Brad and I were playing in Tecmo Super Bowl, he’d beat me 63-0 and I would probably attempt a 90 yard field goal in the fourth quarter.

Please choose which description suits Eli Manning best: 1) Great quarterback 2) Good quarterback 3) Overrated quarterback due to last name/large media market 4) Average quarterback who got hot in the playoffs one year 5) Below average quarterback

Eli Manning is a good quarterback who is sometimes great. He is a Super Bowl MVP, has been invited to one Pro Bowl. He’s one of only four quarterbacks to throw for at least 3,000 yards in each of the last five seasons. He’s also one of only three quarterbacks with at least 20 touchdown passes in each of the last five seasons. His name is actually a detriment right now, as it constantly causes to be compared to his older brother.

Were you disappointed when the Giants put the “ny” back on the helmet since they play in your/our native New Jersey? Overall, aren’t the Giants uniforms, especially the roadies, pretty sweet though?

I like the Giants’ jerseys with the ny, although supposedly they will be using a historic look for an alternate jersey in 2011. Considering their current jersey is pretty retro already, and the 1975 jersey was hideous, it seems likely it will be the old jersey with GIANTS on the helmet.

Would you support the name of the team being the New Jersey Giants or the New York/New Jersey Giants?

No, I would not support the Giants being renamed NJ Giants or NY/NJ Giants, anymore than Cowboys fans being ok with the Arlington Cowboys, or Redskins fans being cool with the Landover Redskins.

You were at the last game Giants Stadium game, did it need to be replaced by the New Meadowlands Stadium? Have you been to the New Meadowlands Stadium?

Giants Stadium didn’t need to be replaced, UNTIL that last game. I haven’t been to the new stadium yet.

Do you get much grief about being a Giants fan living in Maryland? Also, which fanbase seems to be bigger in Columbia, the Redskins or Ravens?

I’ve never gotten grief from being a Giants fan in Maryland. Instead, I’ve found that I’m far from the only one. After the Giants won Super Bowl XLII, I went outside and was running around my street screaming and singing “We Are the Champions.” I wasn’t the only one out there doing that. Columbia seems to be more Ravens country. That seems to start changing in Laurel.

Which bothers your more, me being a Redskins (casting aside my previous loyalty) or Nationals fan (maintaining my previous loyalty in baseball bigamy)?

Your Redskins “fandom” doesn’t annoy me. But it’s clear the only football teams you’re a fan of wear blue and white and play on Saturdays, not Sundays.

It’s true that I care much more about the Saturday football than the Sunday football, but I have been watching more of the Redskins than I though I would. The first half of the season was quite exciting.

Final score prediction?

Giants 27, Redskins 17

Redskins 19 Giants 17 – Since they win every other week

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