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The Adam Dunn Era in D.C. is apparently over. The free agent who hit 38 home runs for the Washington Nationals is headed to the South Side of Chicago to sign a reported 4 year, $56 million contract with the White Sox. It is a good contract for him and probably not a great one for the ChiSox. That being said, I would have been okay with the Nats offering it to him since they have the money — teams with no history of winning have to overpay and they might as well do it with players the fanbase are behind. The Nats probably could have gotten Dunn for cheaper than this earlier in the season, but it seemed that GM Mike Rizzo had no plan of retaining him.

The Nats get the White Sox first round pick (#23) and another draft pick between the first and second round. Accumilating draft picks is nice, but what are the odds that the players picked here a impact players by the 2013 season when Ryan Zimmerman‘s contract runs out.

Ryan Zimmerman wants to stay in Washington, but he wants to win, tooThe Post
Zimmerman, was pretty vocal about the decision not to sign Dunn, emphasizing that his friend wanted to sign here, questioning the defensive liability cross that Dunn has had to bear and more importantly, openly questioning front office i.e. The Plan. I can’t blame Zimmerman for being angry, because he’s entering his prime and the front office has not built the team around the “face of the franchise” like he and everyone else expected. Zimmerman reiterated that he wants to spend his entire career in Washington, but he wants to win too. Zimmerman won two Silver Sluggers in the two years Dunn was on the team.

The Nats play at the White Sox in June 2011.

At least one Nats fan is vowing not to attend any home games next year. I am not willing to go that far (yet), but the Lerner family and Rizzo only reinforced the perception that they are cheap. Not signing Dunn when they had so many opportunities too doesn’t show good faith to the fanbase. They played hardball and lost, badly. No wonder Stan Kasten wanted out.

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