This hasn’t been a quiet week in college football and Penn State may be feeling some aftershocks. Pitt Temple West firing Dave Wannstedt has people like Slow States wondering if defensive coordinator Tom Bradley would be a candidate for that vacancy (you should listen to their podcasts by the way, especially the 23 minute mark of this one). Bradley is a strong Western Pennsylvania recruiter and if he wants to be a head coach really badly, that would not be a bad spot for him. Whether he interviews will be telling because if he goes, that means he is not confident that he would succeed Joe Paterno as PSU’s head coach. Al Golden, Temple’s coach and another likely candidate to succeed Paterno, could be in the mix as well.

Urban Meyer, head coach of the Florida Gators is resigning (again) after the Outback Bowl against the Nittany Lions. EDSBS is taking it…well. No, really, he is. Could this be bad news for Penn State? Maybe, says Cory Giger of the Altoona Mirror, but shouldn’t Penn State be playing the game like its Paterno’s last too?

Meanwhile, Patriot-News columnist David Jones writes about Meyer, but what he really wants you to know that he has Erin Andrews’ phone number. By the way, I think she’s better as a sideline reporter than eye candy. Really, she’s got great hair and all, but overrated for her non-reporting duties. Lynn Swann is still my all-time favorite in that position. Oh and Jones also wants you (and especially Phil Steele) to know that HE IS ACCOUNTABLE for things like his preseason top 25.

Linebebackers coach Ron Vanderlinden is in the running for the Ball State head coaching job, but I can’t find a link to it. Now, even though I’ve never been there, I know a little bit about Muncie, Ind. and a lot about State College and you have to wonder about a man who would rather live in Muncie than stay in Happy Valley and recruit players like Paul Posluszny and Sean Lee.

Of course, this is all secondary to the real thing you all care about — what color jersey Penn State is wearing for the Outback Bowl. Since the Big Ten team was the visitor last year, I assumed that it would be the home team this year. Sure, enough, I contacted an Intercollegiate Athletics source and got the simple reply of BLUE.


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