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Santangelo set to join Nats’ TV
F.P. Santangelo, a journeyman utility infielder has been hired to be the 5th regular color commentator of Washington Nationals games on MASN. His previously worked as a fill-in for San Francisco Giants. He replaces Rob Dibble, who was fired for being stupid and lazy. Other previous announcers were Don Sutton, Tom Paciorek and Ron Darling.

Santangelo’s playing career
included some time with the Montreal Expos, so those who insist on telling us that the Expos history is somehow the Nats history must be thrilled. He also appeared in the Mitchell Report (Sacramento Bee/Web Archive) and was recently involved in an altercation with Jose Canseco (Nationals Enquirer) at the Playboy mansion (his wife was Miss February 2008). None of these items really endear me to him, but I am certainly going to give him a chance. He starts off behind in the count though.

Oh and the F.P. is for Frank-Paul, not Frank Poncharello like I was hoping.

Here is how Santangelo can succeed — if he uses the insight of actually playing the game and having access beyond what I have to tell me things I do not know. His predecessor, Dibble seemed to have contempt for doing that and in fact specifically ignored those two aspects of the broadcast. Dibble went out of his way to ignore his own experience and access, preferring to monosyllabic machismo, false homerism and the pitch track feature. In other words, Santangelo has a built in advantage that merely being mediocre would be seen as an improvement.

Ray Knight, who has been the color commentator on an interim basis may return to the MASN studio show with Johnny Holliday (best thing about MASN, but the way).

The radio broadcasts still have not found a home for 2011, but despite DCRTV reports of the Nats looking at sports station WJFK 106.7 FM, they seem likely headed back to WFED 1500 AM according (The Wash. Examiner) to Jim Williams. The multiple-Emmy Award winning columnist also suggests that the Nats aggressively pursue stations in Virginia and promote them. Better late than never I suppose. This should have been a priority in 2005 or at least 2006 when the Lerner/Kasten reign began and I found it mind boggling it was not. Also, Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler are expected back which I have already endorsed.

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