UPDATE: New Penn State football jerseys not a done deal yet

I have been meaning to post about the Penn State football program for a while now. You may recall, that after the Outback Bowl, the following things were reported:

QB Kevin Newsome was leaving the program

QB Rob Bolden was leaving the program

Tom Bradley, assistant coach in charge of the defense, was taking the Temple, no wait, the Pitt head coaching job

Rob Vanderlinden and several other assistants would be following

Joe Paterno had much more serious health problems and was going to step down after the game

In the end all of these things…did not happen.

Apparently, the lack of change is short-lived and it appears that Guido D’Elia, the man who made Penn State football the greatest show in the College Football an increasingly generic and dumbed-down experience, is involved. The Nittany Lines blog on The Morning Call broke the news that Penn State’s football jerseys will be even more minimalist starting next season. The white trim around the neck and and sleeves on the blue home uniforms (and vice-versa on the white road uniforms) will be removed. It is a minor change, but one that makes elegant Nittany Lions jerseys less attractive and frankly, cheap looking though I’m sure the price won’t be coming down.

This is a typical D’Elia move, the kind that screams “LOOK AT ME, I’M GUIDO D’ELIA AND I CHANGED SOMETHING JUST BECAUSE I COULD!” He just “fixed” something that WASN’T BROKEN.

Isn’t it odd that D’Elia is a minimalist about things like football uniforms and end zones (he made those more boring too a few years ago) yet he is the same guy piping in all that crappy music instead of letting the Blue Band play? Heaven forbid the gameday atmosphere feel like a college football game and not some minor league hockey game. Actually, that probably isn’t fair to minor league hockey (at least not the Hershey version).

I’ve figured D’Elia was going to get this done eventually. Additionally, though it wasn’t said, I fully expect Penn State to be sporting a gray facemask instead of blue. Count on the ugly 2 diagonal numerals as well. If you are so into throwbacks Guido, let’s have a throwback gameday atmosphere, back to before your tainted it, back when it felt like a college football game.

Author: WFY

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