In today’s latest Sunnytown column from Spring Training, Thomas Boswell noted an exchange between Washington Nationals GM Mike Rizzo and Jayson Werth (The Post). Rizzo told Werth that he “hated the expletive deleted Phillies” and Werth said “I hate the Phillies, too.” I took it for no more than staying on message, but Philly sports blog said “Like a jilted ex Jayson Werth cannot seem to quit us.”

Or is it the other way around? then compared him to Poochie, the kung fu hippie, from gangster city dog from “The Simpsons” which is pretty funny and is probably going to stick up there when they are not booing him. Surly ol’ Werth probably won’t care and may even like it. Remember, the Phillies fans booed Mike Schmidt!*

Just more fuel for the fire in this rivalry that is probably a few years from getting really good on both sides. I thought it would happen a little sooner, but better late than never.

Crossing Broad
, another Philly sports blog, took it um, really well.

*Among others

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