Good news — The Washington Nationals Radio Network is apparently moving to FM. Nats Insider reports today that 106.7 WJFK aka “The Fan” will start carrying the Nats. Incumbent station, WFED 1500 AM will continue carrying the team as well, even though it is owned by Bonneville (for now) and WJFK is owned by CBS.

While, I agree with former Post columnist Marc Fisher that baseball is great on AM that’s the case only if the signal can be picked up! 1500 AM is an odd signal, probably D.C.’s best, but oriented in a SW-NE direction. People in New England can hear it, people in Centreville or say my condo in Alexandria’s West End can’t. 106.7 FM comes in though, so I’m happy to have the option of either band. I will still get the MLB audio package though, because it ensures I can listen to the Nats and every other baseball team anywhere I have a computer with speakers. It might be the best $20 I spend annually.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the Nats radio ratings. Though I do not keep track of them too closely, I know they are not very high. The apparent advantage of being promoted by the #1 station in the market, WTOP (WFED’s sister station, remains. Being on a sports station may be help out some as well. Who knows maybe some of the shows on the station will actually do something other than suck up to Dan Snyder and not ask a meaningful question when he’s in studio talk about something other than the Redskins now.

The best news of all is that Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler are returning once again as the voices of the Nats. Their might be some new support staff though, we’ll have to see if the Jack of All Things sticks around and/or if some former staff might be back in the mix.

UPDATE: DC Sports Bog notes that the Nats weekday afternoon games will not be broadcast by WJFK. They’d rather run aloof Mike Wise and Lavar Arrington (sorry, dude but your sucking up to Dan Snyder cost your credibility) and Chad “If he’s the conscience of D.C. sports we deserve the championship drought” Dukes.

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