Red jerseys, Strasburg’s dip problem, all stars and other DC sports observations

SEEING RED: DC United has joined the Nationals (alternate), Capitals (home) and Redskins (home) in having a red jersey as part of their uniform. DCU’s new alternate jerseys debuted this past weekend. Later this season, the Wizards (Mystics too, I think) will also go red for their road jerseys for the 2011-2012 season. Somebody needs to get a star from each team and pose them all in front of the Capitol all wearing red and holding a DC flag or something.

SPEAKING OF CAPS JERSEYS: Tonight is Dino Ciccarelli Night, so the Caps are wearing their original sweaters (like the one I got 4 years ago) or at least the Winter Classic knockoffs.Somebody count the number of stars on the sleeve and see if it is historically accurate. No word on if Ciccarelli is taking a limo to the game, though I’m certain Champions of Georgetown is closed. Also scheduled to appear — former mascot WINGER.

DIP: Stephen Strasburg is still trying to give up chewing tobacco (The Post) and wants to set a good example though isn’t going to tell anybody what to do, even though he is.

STRASBURG HEALS LITTLE LEAUGER’S ELBOW: Well not, not quite, but Strasburg has corresponded with a Richmond-area little leaguer who threw out his elbow too (The Mechanicsville Local).

ALL STARS: Alex Ovechkin had an assist, a goal and a penalty that required a penalty shot in the NHL All Star Game. D’Angelo Hall was MVP of the Pro Bowl which says a lot about the Pro Bowl, maybe even more than the NFC going up 42-0 and winning 55-41. I’m glad I watched neither game.

BORDER WAR: WeLoveDC asks where the boundary between Redskins and Ravens country is in Maryland — I submitted, based on what Brad said, the Patuxent River. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the Nats – Orioles divide. Also, yinzers jumped into that post and mentioned it was Steeler Nation everywhere, which sounds better than Western Pennsylvania Diaspora, I suppose.

SUPER BOWL XVIII: Joe Gibbs threw Russ Grimm under the bus for losing Super Bowl XVIII. Grimm’s karmic punishment — his jersey is being sold with the wrong number, #63 instead of #68. Oh and never getting a head coaching job.

Lastly, did you know that the Nats have won on the road more recently than the Wiz?

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