I think the fellow who does the TollRoadsNews blog must have gotten stuck in traffic going from the Pennsylvania Turnpike to Interstate 70 recently because he has a pretty angry post up about the non-direct connection. For the unfamiliar, Breezewood is the eastern end of the I-70/76 concurrency. I-70 splits off from the Pennsylvania Turnpike there to coninue its path to its Baltimore terminus. I-76 continues on the Pa. Turnpike to Harrisburg and Philadelphia. However, rather than being a direct interchange, as most interstate highway junctions, I-70 traffic is forced onto commercialized US 30 for several thousand feet. All attempts at correcting this have been thwarted. TRN offers some suppositions (Bud Shuster is involved) as to why and I’ll just say, if they had been said about Dan Snyder, TRN would be sued.

As a rule, I refuse stop at any of the Breezewood because that would reward bad behavior.

Surprisingly, TRN did not note that the speed limits on I-70 between Breezewood and Maryland are set to 55 MPH which is another money grab.

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Highway markers from Shields Up!

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