I do not have much history in the sport of soccer, having been one of the few Northern Virginia children to never play the sport in an organized fashion. It wasn’t until 2006 that I even checked out a DC United match. We had fun and I said I’d go again. Of course, that isn’t how it worked, but between the World Cup last year and kicking the ball around with my toddler (we may even join a “Daddy & Me” program this spring), I’m interested more than ever in soccer. Throw in (see what I did there?) their ubiquitous ad campaign that greets me all over the Web and on the buses I pass commuting and I am beginning to think I need to see DCU play sooner than later. Their Opening Night kickoff package with free pint glasses is looking interesting, because who doesn’t need branded glassware from a local professional team? So, whether it is the first game or later in the season, I’m probably going to see the Black-and-Red. I may watch them on TV more too, though the Nationals, then Capitals will probably take precedence most of the time.

I am also interested because of the media coverage I’ve been reading. US Men’s National Team player Charlie Davies will be playing for United (The Post) this season on loan from his French club. He missed the World Cup after a very serious accident on the George Washington Memorial Parkway that killed other occupants of the vehicle. Also, the new head coach is Ben Olsen, a former United star (Sports Illustrated) who was only supposed to be in the role on an interim basis last year before getting the job for good.

Oh and now, that I’m interested, DC United, don’t move away. At the very least, I want you around in case my son is a soccer fan.

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