NCAA Tournament: Penn State vs. Temple at 2 p.m. on TNT

USA Today cover with Talor Battle
UPDATE: Talor Battle was on the cover of today’s USA Today near the newspaper’s flag (not masthead). So was, was another Ta(y)lor — Miss Swift.

Penn State plays its first NCAA Tournament game in 10 years this afternoon. Four seniors Talor Battle, Jeff Brooks, David Jackson and Andrew Jones are starters and go into today’s 2 p.m. game (TNT) against Temple in Tucson knowing they are only guaranteed this one game. They should be motivated.

The Nittany Lions face the same program that eliminated them from their last tournament game, Temple. The Owls and Nittany Lions are not strangers, having played each other in the previous two seasons. A pre-season scrimmage is said to have been a rout for Temple. The Owls lost their starting center, Michael Eric, a month ago. They also have F Scootie Randall coming off an injury.

Ed DeChellis has coached one NCAA tournament game, in 2003 while coaching East Tennessee State, and lost. Temple’s Fran Dunphy is 1-12 in the tourney with most of those games and losses coming as head coach of Penn. Temple has been eliminated in the first round the last three years.

I’m picking with my heart more than my head, but I think Penn State pulls this off. Battle and company have gone through too much to be one and done. My prediction: Penn State 58 Temple 53


The bank is always open for Talor BattlePatriot-News
Battle is a pool hustler on the basketball court.

Spotlight glaring on Lions’ seniorsCDT

Why is the game in Tuscon instead of DC?Patriot-News
Or halfway in Hershey for that matter.

GO STATE, beat Owls!

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