It wasn’t that long ago that Mark Zuckerman of CSN Washington and, reported on what became of his former colleagues from the defunct sports section of The Wash. Times. That section, the only part of that newspaper that I ever read with regularity, was shuttered January 1, 2010 for some reason that never made sense to me. Sports was an area where The Wash. Times could really go head-to-head with The Post and other outlets and it did.

Now, sports is back at The Wash. Times, undoing a stupid and shortsighted decision. The editor is somebody well-known to those of us in the Natmosphere, Mike Harris. The former Times-Dispatch editor had blogged at NationalsFanboyLooser for a few years. Most recently, he was editor at Fanhouse, a site that AOL just pulled the plugged on.

Amanda Comak (@acomak) will be on the Washington Nationals beat. She was at the Cape Cod Times previously and has already penned a farewell there. Dan Daly, a columnist, is already at spring training and I’ve already addressed his Ian Desmond column.

I will have more to say about the Nats beat in the coming days or weeks. Overall, in an odd way, I think this death and resurrection of The Wash. Times sports section will ultimately be good news for DC sports fans since so many of the former staff have moved on to media outlets that increased their coverage, like CSN Washington. That doesn’t excuse the fact that a lot of people went/are going through some tough times through no fault of their own.

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