Dr. Teeth, sans Mayhem, with Kermit, Jim Henson, and Rolf
It’s Time for Your Face-Lift, Miss PiggyThe Times
A new Muppets movie is due this Christmas, but can Disney make the Muppets great again?

I am a big Muppets fan — the show and The Muppet Movie were fantastic, but efforts since then have seen diminishing returns both creatively and financially. The obvious reason is that several of the creators, including Jim Henson, but also Jerry Juhl died and I think Frank Oz spends about half an afternoon annually with the Muppets. There have also been several changes of ownership, with Disney now owning it — Henson tried to sell the Muppets to Disney 20 years ago. If the original spirit can’t be found, they ought to just end the franchise. If they get it right, how about getting The Muppet Show into production again?

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