Gin, tonic, squeeze of lime
There is no cocktail in this world more refreshing than a cold gin and tonic on a summer evening. With Memorial Day coming, the peak of gin and tonic season is here and will last into September. in order to truly enjoy it, I’m going to share with your how to make a proper gin and tonic, refined over many years of practice.


Fresh Ice (empty your icemaker before you leave for work or make a fresh tray in the morning)
Fresh Lime
Cold, unopened Schweppes tonic water in 10 oz. glass bottles
Gin, ideally from the freezer. My go-to these days is Beefeater, but that brand is a personal preference and not the most critical part of the cocktail
16 oz. glass, though plastic cups are okay if you are drinking them outside


Cut fresh lime into quarters (limes cost no more than 70¢ so don’t be skimpy)
Squeeze lime juice into the bottom of the cup
Rub the rim of the cup with lime
Place lime in the bottom of but, rind down
Remove gin from freezer and pour directly into lime at the bottom of the cup. Gin should reach the top of the lime.
Add ice, I use 6 cubes from a icemaker or 4 from an ice tray
Pour entire contents of Schweppes tonic water over ice
Stir the drink


The secret of a proper gin and tonic is not the gin. in fact, it might be the fourth most important part of the beverage. The most important factor is to have cold fresh Schweppes tonic water from a glass bottle. The glass bottle is better at keeping in the carbonation. Having fresh ice also makes a tremendous difference, it gets stale after a few days in the freezer, so cycle it often, maybe every 3 days at least. The lime should also be fresh, if it isn’t at peak anymore, get another one. No point in spoiling $2 worth of product to save a quarter with an old lime. As for the gin, pick whatever you like. I used to use Gordon’s since it was cheaper, but have since bit the bullet and gone to Beefeater all the time. It might cost a quarter more per serving. Also, contrary to what you get in a bar, the tonic to gin ratio is at least 5 to 1. Having it closer to 50% is silly because it lacks the effervescence of the tonic and you wind up with watered-down gin. If you want a lot of gin, just have a martini or drink it straight.

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