I did not see or listen to the Washington Nationals at all this weekend — a young son who loves “CHOO CHOO TRAINS!” (more later) and attending a Kentucky Derby party took just about all of my attention. The good news is that without my attention, the Nats managed to take 2 of 3 against the Florida Marlins. The highlight came in game 1 of the series in the second inning when Jordan Zimmermann threw an immaculate inning. On Saturday morning, I went looking for the video of it on nationals.com, but it wasn’t there. Had the video not been put up by now, that would have been the theme of this post, but I found it this morning.

Based on what I saw online, it appears that neither Bob Carpenter or F.P. Santangelo were not initially aware that Zimmermann had thrown nine pitches/nine strikes for the inning. Was it that way in real time?

Also, it is worth noting that I mentioned to my wife and father, who are casual fans at best, that Zimmermann threw an immaculate inning. They both immediately realized that it was the nine pitch/nine strike inning which I found interesting.

Oh and the Nats strike out a lot, but don’t hit homers – National Journal, The Post

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