Harmon Killebrew, the last great player of the original Washington Senators, died yesterday. He had announced a few days prior that he was entering hospice care. The Washington Nationals hung a “#3 KILLEBREW” jersey in the dugout on Sunday (The Early Lead, The Post). The Minnesota Twins, who Killebrew played for throughout most of his career, started a similar tribute that the will carry on throughout the 2011 season.

Port Mortem found this great video of Killebrew talking about how he was signed by the Senators. It also features clips from a Home Run Derby episode the matched him up against Mickey Mantle:

The “Killer” hit his first 84 homers in a Washington uniform.

OBITUARY: Harmon Killebrew, Hall of Fame baseball slugger, dies at 74The Post

Statement from Washington Nationals Regarding the Passing of Harmon Killebrew
Good job on this press release Nats PR.

Thomas Boswell offered an anecdote in Monday’s chat
. I was hoping Bos would have written that column about Killebrew that he said he was going to write.

Boswell’s column is now up and includes comparison to another teenaged Washington prospect, Bryce Harper (who I am avoiding blogging about until he gets to the big leagues): Harmon Killebrew showed how a bonus baby becomes a Hall of Fame man

JOE POSNANSKI: The Gentleman Called Killer
– Curiously Long Post, Sports Illustrated

I was hoping the wayback machine would be fired up by DC Sports Bog or The Early Lead to find more stories about Killebrew and the return of baseball to DC. I know that USA Today published several over the years too, but I couldn’t find them.

Hounds’ Advisor Harmon Killebrew Passes Awayloudounhounds.com
Killebrew was an adviser to the Loudoun Hounds minor league franchise that begins play in 2012.

HELLER: Harmon Killebrew holds special place in D.C. baseball lureThe Wash. Times
Dick Heller remembers watching Killebrew in Griffith Stadium.

Nationals News Network Off the Field had an exhaustive look at Killebrew a few days ago.

By the way, I think a black armband or initials on the sleeve would be an appropriate memorial for Killebrew. They ought to follow the Twins lead on this though and do some more minimalist than them.

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