So, my son picked a heck of a morning to want to wear his Washington Capitals t-shirt…

Once again, the Caps underachieved, this time getting completely embarrassed by the Tampa Bay Lightning in a sweep.

One way of looking at it — Washington lost to an estuary.

There is going to be a a lot written over the next week about the latest playoff disappointment by the Caps and a D.C. team in general. I figure there is a 50/50 chance Bruce Boudreau will not be the head coach when the next season starts. The only reason I am saying he has a shot of staying is because of the success he had in revamping the team mid-season to a more defensive-minded squad. However, the ultimate problem is that the Caps were less than the sum of the parts in the playoffs yet again, so as much as I wanted and thought Boudreau would be the coach to lead the Caps to the Stanley Cup, I don’t think it can happen.

I think Alexander Semin has to go — he’s too much of an enigma on the ice and I think a little shakeup would be good for Alex Ovechkin. Not that Ovechkin is the problem, but maybe one less person to spend time with off the ice might do Ovi some good.

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