We won’t have Jim Tressel to kick around any more

Coach Jim Tressel out at Ohio StateColumbus Dispatch
Joe Paterno has outlasted another one! Ohio State Buckeyes head coach Jim Tressel is resigning because all the stuff David Jones of the Patriot-News has been hinting at for years is hitting the fan. My initial reaction is joy, because who doesn’t like to see a rival fall? Tressel was a phony and ran a program that was filled with problems that he was able to brush aside because he won a National Championship (with Maurice Clarett and after a very late pass interference flag) and beat Michigan. I’m glad to see it all caught up with him.

Of course, it only matters for Penn State fans if the Nittany Lions learn to stop throwing pick-sixes at the Horseshoe.

UPDATE: Here is the Sports Illustrated article that prompted Tressel’s resignation. My reaction, “meh.”

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