There are apparently sports talk radio warz going on (visit DC Sports Bog if you really want to find out more) which has me thinking one thing — I miss Ken Beatrice!

For the uninitiated, Beatrice was a long-time host of a sports call-in show on WMAL (back when it was a real local radio station) and later WTEM. He patiently took callers questions (including mine) night after night, but also in his office before the show. With an enthusiastic and thick Boston accent Beatrice was an oft-imitated voice in the D.C. area. I listened to his show regularly, whether coming home from football or basketball practice or going to sleep (when Ron Weber and the Washington Capitals weren’t on). Beatrice was easily parodied (Mike O’Meara had the best), but never outworked and his bond with listeners was strong, even after a mean-spirited Tony Kornheiser article that exposed Beatrice exaggerating his resume. The definitive biography of Beatrice described in this 2000 CityPaper farewell column by Dave McKenna. Nobody who has come since on DC sports talk has come close to matching what Beatrice did.

Earlier today, my brother forwarded me an article from the Arlington Catholic Herald about Beatrice, who is now a lector during Mass at St. John the Evangelist Church in Warrenton. it is good to hear Beatrice is doing well and is getting to express his faith and I wish him well. I have to admit that if I was listening to him, I’d probably wonder when he was going say YOU’RE NEXT! “I never touch the curly fries” and of course, “BYE NOW!”

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