Last Call for Lynchburg (Pop. 361) as Jack Daniel’s Rejiggers Its Label Wall Street Journal
I drink Jack Daniel’s about twice a year, usually if I am flying somewhere and bourbon is unavailable. It is okay, but I find Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey to be more flavorful and enjoyable than filtered Tennessee sipping whiskey. Still, I find it interesting that the Jack Daniel’s is updating its label. “Lem Motlow, proprietor” and “Pop. 361” are going, so is the suggestion that it was registered in 1866. There is a great interactive graphic linked from the story.

Left unsaid that Jack Daniel’s has changed its label a few times to reflect the lower proof. At one time, Jack Daniel’s was 90 proof, then it was 86 proof and about five years ago, it was changed to 80 proof.

Author: WFY

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