Nats: Chad Coredero retires and I wonder if he’s broadcaster material

Chad Cordero, the original Washington Nationals closer, has retired according to his most recent team, the independent St. Paul Saints. Cordero was never able to sufficiently recover from a torn labrum in 2008.

Cordero, was by most accounts, a really good guy. He was also an effective, if dramatic, closer. He lead the majors in saves in 2005 with 47. His flat brimmed cap has been mimicked by many others. I am disappointed that he couldn’t get back to the majors; he’ll always have a place in the heart of Nats fans for his performance in baseball’s return to the District.

Now that the franchise is in its 7th season, the number of retired players is growing. It is my hope that one or more of them, perhaps Cordero, can be recruited and trained to be a part of the broadcasts. Now, I’m not advocating anybody be replaced, especially Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler who should be granted tenure on the radio side, but having a former DC player in a logical progression for the team. Perhaps it is redundant to suggest that having former players on board to share their experience is logical and desirable. Of course, since the Nats TV rights were given to Peter Angelos because he is a crybaby and a coward, they may not get a say in the matter. After it was Angelos’ son who hired Rob Dibble. We didn’t get to watch a lot of Cordero’s best work because Angelos kept the Nats off most cable systems. I’m getting off topic here, I’m sorry.

Cordero has had a tough few years with his career ending and the absolute worst thing in in the world happening to him and his family . Whether he returns to D.C. or not, I wish him well.

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