Two games in to the Davey Johnson era, the Washington Nationals are 0-2. Clearly, they blew it when they let John McLaren go. McLaren at least made the most of his era (DC Sports Bog, The Post) Also, Thomas Boswell took the Jim Riggleman mudslinging in stride which was almost disappointing.

I think I might hold a grudge against Walter O’Malley and Horace Stoneham for creating West Coast baseball — I have not been watching the Nats as their games are starting after 10 p.m. since they are at the Anaheim Angels. No, I won’t call them by their “proper” name because it is really redundant, about is geographically indefensible for a baseball team. One of the things I always appreciated about baseball was if a team had a city name in it, they actually resided in that city. Football, hockey and basketball aren’t great about that, but baseball was until the Angels decided to tack on the name of a city 30+ miles away. Also, in the past I was critical of the team renaming itself to Anaheim back in the 1990s, but it has a larger (and growing) population than Pittsburgh or Cincinnati.

Since I haven’t watched the games, I got my fix remembering the last time the Nats were in Anaheim, courtesy of rocket1124 at Capital City Goofballs:

20050614 – Pine Tar and JOSE’S REVENGE! from Rocket 1124 on Vimeo.

Frank Robinson may had his weaknesses as manager, but he was a complete badass.

Tonight’s game is East Coast friendly, 7:05 start. Jordan Zimmermann tries to stop the bleeding and get the Nats back over .500.

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