Nats excluded from Washington market in ESPN Ultimate Standings form

Yesterday, Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog posted about DC’s place in ESPN The Magazine’s Ultimate Standings. Here’s the upshot:

Washington Capitals (27th), Washington Nationals (78th), Washington Wizards (110th) and Washington Redskins (121st). Last year, the Caps were 11th, followed by the Nats (94th), Redskins (102nd) and Wizards (120th).

ESPN-Ultimate-Team-Rankings form doesn't realize Nats exist and thinks Baltimore is part of the DC market

I would have had more to say, but when you search by market for Washington 5 entries are returned, including two from Baltimore for some reason. What’s missing? The Nats. I don’t want to reward that sloppiness with a link or more analysis than what Steinberg provided.

Last year’s results: DC in 2010 ESPN’s Ultimate Team Rankings

Major League Soccer was not included in the survey.

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