Details have emerged in the decision for Penn State to have a home & home with Yinzersity of Pitt.

Penn State AD Tim Curley initiated contact after the first preference for a 2016-2017 series with University of Miami fell through. Congratulations Pitt, you are a safety school for scheduling.

I still think Curley caved into Pitt’s hypocritical demand for a even series. Pitt hosted about 75% of the games in the series. The thing that annoys me about this series is that Penn State and Joe Paterno are always cast as the villains for wanting more home games in Happy Valley even though a super-majority of the games in the series were in Pittsburgh previously. Why was it okay for Pitt 1896 – 1970, but not Penn State right now?

Reaction from Nittany Lions fans: MehCDT

Reaction from one Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist:

What’s lost in this train of thought is that, in terms of rivalries, Penn State needs Pitt more than Pitt needs Penn State.

I nearly snarfed my corn flakes when I read that one. Very hard not to bust out laughing even as I type right now.

I’m sure that in 2016 I’ll be looking forward to the matchup — I can learn to hate Pitt. I do have experience hating a team from that city.

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