So, what is the Nats record after Dream Galas?

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The 8-game winning streak the Washington Nationals were on came to an ugly end yesterday. They played the afternoon after the annual Dream Gala (MissChatter has photos) and they were sloppy and according to Ryan Zimmerman, did not deserve to win. That’s true, but when it comes to the Baltimore Orioles, “deserve’s got nothing to do with it” because that franchise has gotten much more they ever deserved.

So, anybody know what the Nats record is the day after their Dream Gala? Maybe they ought have had it last night since today is a day off. UPDATE: @dcsportsbog says this was the first time the Nats lost after a Dream Gala. I think the first one was in March 2007, so no game (or rainout) the next day.

Washington made 3 errors an simply were not sharp while Baltimore finally turned their hits into runs. The Nats only had 3 innings where they did not allow a run. Tom Gorzelanny, coming off the DL pitched poorly, though he had no help from his defense. The Nats Enquirer put it best — GORZELOUSY

The 6th annual Battle of the Beltways ends tied again. I believe the all-time interleague series between the two cities is tied at 18-18.

Yesterday’s loss notwithstanding, the Nats had a very good week. The 8-game winning streak was the longest in 2 years and unlike that one, it actually could make a meaningful difference in the season. DC jumped from last place to a tie for third place with the New York Mets. Had they won yesterday, they’d be sitting at .500. Now, they need a sweep of the Seattle Mariners, who they start a series with tomorrow night ($1 hot dogs!) at Nationals Park.

Overall, the winning streak was a lot of fun — several games with more than six runs meant Hard Times Cafe had a give up a lot of wings. Let’s hope it keeps up so they have to rethink the promotion.

Another downside of the series — I couldn’t sync up the radio feed with the TV feed. I had been able to do that a lot lately, meaning I got to hear Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler instead of the MASN guys. Oh and speaking of the MASN guys, we had to listen to the Baltimore announcers which is never fun. It seemed like they spent a lot of time telling me that Matt Wieters wasn’t responsible for the Nats stealing more than a handful of bases Friday and Saturday. Did Jim Palmer stop doing Baltimore games?

I am not yet to the point where I believe the Nats can come back from deficits, eve though they have been doing it lately. When they went down 3-0 yesterday, I had little faith they could come back. I think they need to get several games over .500 before I can start to believe.

Over 107,000 tickets were sold for the weekend series (All Nats All the Time, They sold something like 63,000 tickets for the series with the St. Louis Cardinals. They are ahead of last year’s pace (The Sports Network). The Nats are tied with the San Francisco Giants for least amount of home games with 31 so far. They have 13 of their next 19 at home heading into the All-Star Break.

That win streak was great while it lasted though, as DC Sports Bog reminds us.

John Wall isn’t much of a ceremonial first pitcher either.

Lastly, Teddy pushing the Oriolole around is a must see (h/t Let Teddy Win):

I wish Teddy had just kicked him in the head until the children present yelled, “stop, stop he’s already dead.”

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