Nats at home on July 4, why aren’t the Yankees, Phillies?

Today, the Washington Nationals host the Chicago Cubs at Nationals Park in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. Hosting a day game on Independence Day makes perfect sense for the Nats and I believe they have been assured of regularly having the honor. They should also get Opening day and Memorial Day at home annually too, but I do not know if that will be the case. I had hoped the July 4 game would be a tradition for me, but so far I have only made it to the 2006 one. I saw Ryan Zimmerman’s second career walk-off that day.

Looking at today’s MLB schedule, it strikes as odd, if not wrong, is that neither the New York Yankees or Philadelphia Phillies are at home today. New York City doesn’t have a single MLB game at all, since the Mets are in Los Angeles to play the Dodgers. The Yankees are called the Yankees after all, not too mention that Lou Gehrig Day was on July 4, 1939. The Phillies, well they play in the city the Declaration of Independence was written and signed, so it should be a no-brainer. I might even go along with Baltimore getting an annual July 4 game too, given the part that city played in the War of 1812. I’ll also argue that June 14, Flag Day, should always be an Orioles home game.

The Boston Red Sox are at home today which they should be. They are hosting the Toronto Blue Jays, who should never host a home game on this date. They should always get Canada Day, July 1 at home though and I think they do.

In other July 4 news, the following team owners were born on July 4 — George Steinbrenner of the Yankees, Al Davis of the Oakland/Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders and Peter Angelos of the Orioles. Apparently, having a team owner born on that day is a guarantee that said owner will be spiteful, vindictive, controversial, but also a champion.*

*Not valid in Baltimore

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