Over the weekend, the biggest Penn State blog went through a frameshift. Black Shoe Diaries founder Mike Hubbell announced he was moving on after many years helming the blog. I wish Mike well — he brought me into Blue White Roundtable back in its heyday and offered me a chance to write for the Maple Street Press Penn State preseason football preview magazine. You may recall that I did in 2010. I understand where he’s coming from and wish him good luck moving forward.

Succeeding Mike at the helm of Black Shoe Diaries is Chris Grovich who has written for half a dozen different sites over the years. I first became aware of him over 15 years ago when he sent me an “angry” email about a Web site some friends and I made about his hometown. Since he had another “tribute” site for Hazleton, Pa. at the time and appreciated our efforts. Since then, he written for PSU Playbook, Run Up the Score!, Scrappled, BSD and Slow States. I don’t know what this means for Slow States, but I hope he and Kevin Powers keep that going. Speaking of Kevin, he’s right there with Chris on the new BSD.

In addition to the Slow Staters, the Linebacker U. bloggers, led by my new colleague, Mike Pettigano will make the move into BSD. The details about them and what they will be doing. In short, lots of stuff, not just football, but basketball, wrestling (meh), volleyball and hockey. This is a supergroup of bloggers, which Mike P. calls Blog Voltron (space version, I assume) on account of about eight different Penn State blogs being in the writers past.

I, for one, welcome Chris as new BSD overlord. I enjoyed his victory speech following the (mostly) bloodless coup d’état (or was it a putcsh)? and look forward to the junta he has put together.

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