Once again, a Washington Nationals player, this year its Michael Morse, is a candidate to be the last National League player voted into the All-Star game by fans. Last year it Ryan Zimmerman. MLB is doing a promotion (which I won’t bother linking to because I disagree with it) to link a fanbase from each league to each other to block vote the last All-Star slots. Last year, the Nats were paired with Texas Rangers (who were the Senators before D.C. fans got Short-changed) which I was highly critical. This year is no better because they are paired the team that VOTED AGAINST D.C. BASEBALL and having failed to stop it, took the TV rights away! I speak of course of the Baltimore Orioles, owned by Peter Angelos. The arranged marriage, created by cowardly Bud Selig to keep cowardly Angelos from suing MLB, has been bad for the Nats and D.C. Remember what Angelos and the O’s did after taking the team’s TV rights? THEY KEPT THE NATS OFF OF MOST D.C. CABLE SYSTEMS FOR ALMOST TWO FULL SEASONS. The network the O’s run, MASN, has not been very good. So, with that in mind, there is no reason for a Washingtonian, Nats fan or both to ever support anything involving the Baltimore Orioles. So, go ahead vote Morse in, but skip the Orioles Adam Jones. Now, some may suggest that Jones is not involved in the Orioles antagonism to D.C., but so what? If Nats fans had to be punished for Angelos hating us, his players should not be rewarded. The bad faith from Angelos can never be forgiven.

In happier news, Nats are back to .500 with another late win, this time over the Cubs 5-4. It seems like they cannot win until their final at bat during home games. As Dave Jageler said, “if you left early, you blew it!”

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