Adam Collyer at Black Shoe Diaries is running Blue White Roundtable now and here are questions preceding game 1 of the 125th season of Penn State football. The Nittany Lions take on the Sycamores of Indiana State.

BSD: Let’s get this out of the way right now – how does everyone feel about Robert Bolden and Matt McGloin being even on the depth chart? How do you feel about the proposed time sharing plan for Saturday’s game against Indiana State?

If you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterback, right?

I understand why Joe Paterno is going to play both Rob Bolden and Matt McGloin this Saturday. I just hope that he is being very specific every step of the way with both of them about the plan. For the Alabama game, I think they need to establish the #1 guy and I’m not sure they can do that based on Indiana State and another week of practice. All things being equal, I’d go with Bolden, who has more physical skills. McGloin should only be the #1 is he is distanced himself from Bolden. If that’s the case — #buckleup.

BSD: What are you looking for out of the offense this week? Will the offense we see on Saturday set the tone for the rest of the year?

I want to see how the offensive line performs — are they on the same page? I expect to see whichever QB have his timing down with the wideouts. Will Andrew Szczerba get many balls thrown his way? I don’t have a lot of concerns about the running game, I think Silas Redd and Brandon Beachum are an upgrade over Evan Royster and Stephfon Green.

BSD: Do you expect the defense to be significantly upgraded from last year?

I expect a better defensive showing because by all accounts Jack Crawford is healthy again which means an improved pass rush. I also anticipate a serious upgrade in linebacker play. Remember how we were sure Mike Mauti was going to move to the middle? That Glen Carson has simply taken the job and as his own kept Mauti on the outside is really promising. The secondary should be solid and with a better pass rush, should be improved. I am excited about the defense.

BSD: Outside of the money earned, these games are no-win situations for major powers. A win is expected and anything less than complete dominance is a cause for concern. How do you define success for Penn State this week?

A successful game against Indiana State includes a victory, cohesive offensive line play, strong QB play and perhaps most of all, NO INJURIES.

BSD: Predictions?

Bolden gets the start. Paterno coaches from the box. Silas Redd rushes for over 100 yards. The new jerseys won’t look as good as the old ones. The student section will never fill up. Guido D’Elia will dumb down the gameday experience more. The drum major will land both flips. Glen Mason will mention how he misses the last blue sapphire during the telecast. Indiana State alumn Larry Bird will be mentioned at least twice during the telecast. Paterno’s future will be speculated on. Penn State will win 44-10.

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