Vacation is over for me and I am getting caught up with the Washington Nationals. It seems they pretty much won every other game after that dreadful series with the Florida Marlins. I caught the finale of that series by bicycling to Nationals Park from Alexandria. It was camp day, I saw my cousin and her family, and listened to all the campers cheering loudly whenever prompted by the HD screen.

Anyway, after splitting a series in Denver against the Colorado Rockies, the Nats are headed to the Northside to face the Chicago Cubs in 3 night games?! Talk about a rip-off! Watching a night game from Wrigley Field is still weird and scary. The appeal of Wrigley and the Cubbies is lost when they play under the lights. This also means that I can not have the game on WGN (we don’t get the Nats TV “partner”) at work which I have had a tendency to do.

As for Wrigley, it is getting a lot of bad press lately:

Gammons: Wrigley ‘dump’ tying Ricketts’ handsChicago Tribune

It’s time for fans to recognize that Wrigley Field really IS a dump
Chicago Sun-Times

Whether Wrigley is a dump or not, I cannot say since I have yet to visit it. I disappointed in myself for not making that happen, because when I was a kid I really enjoyed watching the Cubs in the afternoon. They were my NL team for about 5 years. What wasn’t to like? They played during the day and had Harry Caray.

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