After being delayed, Penn State Football Media is today. The two primary storylines:

How is Joe Paterno doing? This has been the primary storyline for how many years now? Up until about 10 days ago, the apparent answer would have been “much better” but then he got knocked down by Devon Smith, who checks in a 5’7″ 157 lbs. Paterno apparently had hairline fractures to an arm and pelvis or hip. Ouch! How he’s doing will overshadow most events today and throughout the season.

By the way, when asked how he’s doing, I hope he says “Smurfy.”

The other big story of course is who the starting quarterback for the Nittany Lions will be and do either of them say something stupid to a reporter. We won’t know the answer about the starter until the Thursday before the game I think, but the chances that Matt McGloin mouths off — 40-60, I figure. Also, I look forward to the awkward photo of McGloin and Rob Bolden holding the same football. We can speculate on the starter based on which player has his right hand on the ball!

Oh and Black Shoe Diaries is live-blogging the event, plus twitter and even ESPN will be checking in periodically.

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