Week 5 of Blue White Roundtable — Isn’t it weird that the Nittany Lions are traveling to play the Hoosiers, but not going to suburban Maryland to play the game? I was all ready to get on the Blue Line to FedEx Field.

BSD: Is it worth starting Matt McGloin this week at QB? Will we settle the QB competition this week, or are we destined to see this last throughout the Big Ten schedule?

WFY: Sure, what the heck, start McGloin and bring Rob Bolden off the bench so Bolden has the advantage of seeing how things develop. Oh wait, McGloin disagrees with Joe Paterno that puts him at advantage? Who knows? I think the only way this competition gets settled is if one of them gets hurt.

I’ve been on the side of making Bolden the #1 all season long, based on his potential, but that is getting harder. McGloin looks better against bad teams and worse against good teams than Bolden — but neither can beat a good team right now. In short, I don’t know what to think any more.

BSD: Penn State is deep at linebacker, but Mike Mauti was one of the best players on the field. How much will his absence impact this defense? Can Nate Stupar keep up the frenetic pace he set last week in Mauti’s absence?

WFY: Mauti’s latest injury is a tough one because I think he has that extra something that you need late in a close game. The interception against Temple comes to mind. However, if you had to pick a position to suffer a serious injury to a starter, you’d go with linebacker. Instead of being at least 2 deep at every linebacker spot, they are now 1.66 deep at every spot, right?

Stupar seized his opportunity last week and caused all sorts of havoc against Eastern Michigan, including a great read that almost turned into a pick-six. I don’t expect him to continue it at that level as the Big Ten season progresses, but I think he’ll be solid.

BSD: Let’s turn to Indiana. Highly regarded assistant coach takes over a struggling, low-tradition program. Is Kevin Wilson the guy to turn it around? Shouldn’t they be at least a little better than they’ve looked this year?

WFY: I don’t know whether Kevin Wilson can turn around the Hoosiers — he has so many disadvantages there. I don’t think the state of Indiana knew much about football until Peyton Manning started playing Indy’s stolen NFL team. I will say that Indiana made a good decision to try and find a hot assistant rather than some MAC coach. I have a feeling they will improve next year, he’s finding out what he has and needs, while weeding out the players who are too beat down from being a Hoosier.

BSD: Pick one – Dukes or Beachum.

WFY: Dukes, he’s healthier, right?

BSD: Predictions.

WFY: Matt McGloin will light up the Hoosiers. The quarterback situation will have the clarity of the Susquehanna after Tropical Storm Lee. Joe Paterno will coach from the box. Rob Bolden will continue to be taller than McGloin. Songs from the Bruce Springsteen of Indiana, John Cougar Mellencamp, will be played throughout the day. In other news, New Jersey is so much better than Indiana. CB D’Anton Lynn will be missed more than Mauti. Slias Redd will rush for over 100 yards.

Isn’t it weird that the Nittany Lions are traveling to play the Hoosiers, but not going to suburban Maryland to play the game? I was all ready to get on the Blue Line to FedEx Field.

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