Wow, we’re already 1/3 of the way done with Blue White Roundtable for the season. Football season moves faster than any other season. Black Shoe Diaries Adam Collyer‘s weekly questions are below:

BSD: Penn State was 6-17 on third down against Temple on Saturday. What can the team do to fix that? Is it a quarterback derby issue?

WFY: I am just going to say that the quarterback derby is the issue for everything on the offense until proven otherwise. Neither Rob Bolden or Matt McGloin is ideal and playing both means neither gets in a rhythym or can stop looking over his shoulder. The playing calling seems equally indecisive as well. The solution may be picking one quarterback for a half or more and seeing how things go. That might fix it, it might not, but at least we’d have more reliable data to base an opinion on.

BSD: Last week, I asked whether Bolden’s touchdown drive against Alabama in the fourth quarter was his defining moment. That was clearly premature, so I’ll ask again. Bolden’s big drive at the end of the fourth quarter, particularly the slant to Moye on 4th and 2 – defining moment?

WFY: See last week’s answer, right? Nah, I don’t think that will be defining moment. Converting two fourth downs late on the road is great, but I do not believe a defining moment against Temple is possible for a Nittany Lion quarterback. I certainly hope not.

I am thinking back to previous quarterbacks and what I would consider the defining moment. For Daryll Clark, I think of the fist pump after scoring at Wisconsin in 2008. Anthony Morelli’s 2007 Outback Bowl was something I thought was going to be a defining moment, but in reality two pick-sixes at Ohio State come to mind. For Michael Robinson, I think it was taking out that poor Minnesota DB in 2005, though the Derek Williams touchdown against Northwestern could be it too. Zack Mills – his 69 yard scramble against Ohio State.

Did anything Bolden do remind you of any of those plays?

BSD: Anyone know anything about Eastern Michigan? Are they a candidate for Big Ten expansion?

WFY: The only thing I know about Eastern Michigan is the Charlie Batch was a QB there. I do not believe that a directional school is a candidate for Big Ten expansion, but perhaps the Big East.

BSD: How much can we realistically expect to learn about Penn State this weekend?

WFY: I think the only things we can learn are bad — the quarterbacks are truly terrible, the coaching staff doesn’t have a clue/doesn’t care and who gets hurt.

BSD: With news Missouri’s interest in the SEC and conference expansion dominating the headlines, what is the Big Ten’s best next move?

WFY: I think the Big Ten ought to just sit on the sidelines for now and wait for the pieces to fall where they may. There is no silver bullet for Big Ten expansion — as much as everybody has welcomed Nebraska it wasn’t as good for the conference as Penn State was, so see where everything winds up. I don’t think Mizzou really wants to be in the SEC and might be bluffing to get the Big Ten to invite them. That would be a more natural fit for both parties I believe.

I think Notre Dame will realize it has to be in a conference and go to the ACC where I bet they can get more leverage with TV. I think in a nod to basketball (for a change) the ACC will grab Connecticut. That leaves Rutgers, not an ideal candidate, for the Big Ten to bring in to make an even numbered conference. That would lock down the New York City/New Jersey market for the conference. Also, they better have “The Big Conference” trademarked already in case the Big XII and whatever merge.

BSD: Predictions?

WFY: Rob Bolden starts. Shane MacGregor gets some time in a QB. 2 quarterbacks throw touchdown passes, but I am not saying which 2. Matt McGloin looks pretty good. At least once placekick misses. Derek Moye catches more passes from McGloin than Bolden. Guido D’Elia’s reign of terror will continue. Some students will observe Jersey day by dressing like a bunch of outer-borough New Yorkers whose television show unfairly maligns an adjacent state. Penn State wins 44-6.

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