Invest in Nats ticket futures right now

Once again, a Washington Nationals weekday afternoon game is in danger of being rained out. This happened back in May when the Pittsburgh Pirates were in town. Like that day in May, there are $2 tickets available for the game. If the game gets rained out, I you can exchange today’s ticket for a future game. That’s what I did the last time. Now, of course, the $2 is misleading, because with service charges each seat can cost over $5, but that is still a good deal for tickets that are $20 regularly. There is the risk that today’s game, make that games, with the Los Angeles Dodgers could actually be played, but risking $5 to save $15 might be worth it to you. I took the day off planning on going to the game anyway, so either way, I win.

Also, in case you were or are still confused about last night’s rainout, here are the details from Nationals Journal.

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