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…I can finally devote a summer column to the finest efflorescence of that season this city has to offer: the Washington Nationals.

They are a baseball team. Not yet very good, mind you, but it matters not. When you live in a town with a great team, you go to see them win. When you live in a town with a team that is passing rapidly through mediocrity on its way to contention — the Nats have an amazing crop of upcoming young players — you go for the moments.

Despite the headline, I’m not going to tear Krauthammer’s annual Washington Nationals column apart (though I hope someone else does, there is an opportunity for it) for suggesting that a bad or mediocre team is fine, because I’m still of the “derp, we havuh teem” mindset more than I should be seven seasons in. His suggestion that “the moments” are what make following a baseball team isn’t a bad one, though following a winning one is really fun. The journey to get there is almost the most fun of all or so I have been told. I’ll let you know if/when it happens.

Oh and speaking of low expectations, the Nats resumed their “win game 1, lose next two” approach to series this week. They fell to the Braves in Atlanta last night to end a 1-6 road trip. They return to Nationals Park tonight to face the New York Mets, needing a sweep to share third place. The Nats play well at home, so perhaps they can at least take the series. The Los Angeles Dodgers show up on Labor Day for a day game followed by two night games and another day game in the finale on Thursday. Some pitcher coming off of elbow surgery is expected to pitch on Tuesday too.

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