Nats: Walking Roger Bernadina to get to Ryan Zimmerman with the bases loaded in the 9th?! BRILLIANT, Mets!

Like Charles Krauthammer said, “you go for the moments.”

The Washington Nationals just snatched victory from the jaws of defeat which they previously snatched from the jaws of victory. Who were they playing? The New York Mets of course!

Entering the 9th, the Nats were down 7-6 to the Mets with 8-9-1 in the batting order coming up. That worked out to be Jesus Flores, PH Jonny Gomes and Ian Desmond. Flores singled was replaced by PR Brian Bixler who reached second on a wild pitch. Gomes then walked. Hope was alive. As I tweeted, “so, the #Nats need to get at least two base-runners on in the 9th...” Ian Desmond then advanced both runners with a great bunt that he almost beat out. Next, the Mets did something that even George Custer* would find to be an arrogant, uneducated and stupid tactic — they walked Roger Bernadina to load the bases and face Ryan Zimmerman AKA Mr. Walkoff in the bottom of the 9th.

Tried to hack an embed code, but it didn’t work tonight — maybe in a few days it will. Why does MLB wait a few days to make embedding possible anyway? Oh and here’s the Mets feed:


So, not a true Mr. Walkoff hit, since it was a bloop, broken-bat single instead of a home run, but a welcome one nonetheless. @jamiemottram of Mr. Irrelevant called him Mr. Sawed-Off which I endorse. Also, in another nom de plume, he reminded everybody that I came up with Mr. Walkoff. Thanks, Mr. I.

Oh and if that wasn’t enough, earlier in the game on the first pitch seen as a major leaguer, starting pitcher Tom Millone homered to the Nats bullpen in right field. A 3-run homer to put the Nats up 5-0. Shades of Jim Bullinger whom I almost instantly recalled for some reason.

Hopefully, Millone will have a more distinguished career with the Nats than Bullinger did with the Chicago Cubs or anybody else he played for back in the day. I probably had not thought about Bullinger since he hit a homer in his debut sometime back in the early 1990s. Memory is an odd thing.

This was the Nats 11th last at-bat win this season, tied with the MLB lead according to @STATS_LLC

Back to the present and D.C. — you go for the moments. Or watch for the moments. I expect one tomorrow in what appears to be the final start of 2011/ever for ¡LIVAN! in a Nats uniform. Maybe he’ll finally get a no-hitter (not likely, since Eric Gregg has passed on) or maybe hit for the cycle. Actually, a no hitter is more likely than ¡LIVAN! hitting a triple.

*My friend Joe added: “I remember George Custer. He lost the Series against the Indians =:P”

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