You know what’s weird? Since I started following the NFL in 1983 and the St. Louis Rams have been around longer than the Los Angeles Rams. I still don’t know why the Rams left Southern California for a fairly small Midwestern market with a so-so NFL history. Given that they won a Super Bowl and lost another, I suppose you can make the argument that it was a good move.

Los Angeles is likely going to be back in the NFL within the next 5 years — a stadium in downtown L.A. is planned and seemingly needs only a team to break ground. There is another potential stadium in the City of Industry that is also shovel ready. If it were up to me, the new L.A. team would be in the NFC West and called the Rams. If I were the St. Louis Rams, I’d sell the nickname to the L.A. group that gets the team and maybe get a 1st round pick out of it too. The St. Louis team would be something like the Archers or something and have current colors, while the new L.A. Rams would go back to the traditional blue and yellow gold. I’d also have the new Rams jersey uniforms be throwbacks to the 1980s version with one difference:

New L.A. Rams primary uniform concept:

The Rams ever move back to LA, this should wear this uniform I mocked up

There is precedent from the Rams history as well as the Lakers and Kings for wearing yellow/gold at home. They’d only wear blue if they were on the road and the home team wore white.

Here is what I’d have the St. Louis Archers look like:

I'd rename the St. Louis Rams to the St. Louis Archers

Pretty much the same uniform as now, but with a different helmet logo and the arch on the sleeve would match the arch on the helmet (too hard for me to reproduce)

Then again, maybe the Rams just move back to L.A. anyway, as seems to be feared in St. Louis.

Meanwhile, back to the present reality, the Washington Redskins are headed to St. Louis to face the Rams. It seems like they play annually and that the Rams have the upper hand for some reason. The Rams have won 2 of the last 3 meetings with the one Skins win being a 9-7 victory during Jim Zorn’s second year. I think the Rams luck continues as the Redskins regress to the mean. Rams over Redskins 24-16 — two Rex Grossman turnovers.

Uniform graphics adapted from Gridiron Uniform Database

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