Maker's Mark
A great post from Chuck Chowdery‘s blog — How Maker’s Mark Was Made. Maker’s was one of, if not, the first premium bourbons. They started small and mostly stayed that way for a few decades. A clever advertising campaign “Maker’s tastes expensive…and it is” helped it along, but mostly a Wall Street Journal article in 1980 made the brand.

I’m a Maker’s Mark ambassador which means they send stuff, invitations to tasting events (which I have not gone to yet) and have my name on a cask down in Kentucky. The idea is I’ll go down there when it is ready. I don’t know if that will happen, but hitting the bourbon trail is on my to do list someday. Oh and happy birthday to fellow ambassador, Tom.

Chowdery is also the author of Bourbon, Straight, the definitive book about bourbon. My copy is currently on loan to the Ombudsman.

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