We’re two days away from the Nittany Lions and the Hawkeyes — Adam Collyer of Black Shoe Diaries gives us these Blue White Roundtable questions:

BSD: Are we about to see the second coming of the 6-4 spectacular?

WFY: I anticipate more scoring by both sides — that 6-4 game was something else. An amazing defensive effort by Penn State wasted by a simply incompetent offense. That being said, I’d take either 2004 Zack Mills or Michael Robinson over the current options.

I expect Penn State to get in the end zone once or twice on Saturday and the same for Iowa.

BSD: Most misleading statistic ever – Penn State gained over 400 yards against Indiana. What can they do to put the ball in the endzone this week against the Hawkeyes?

WFY: They ought not fumble or throw an interception inside the 10 yard line. Perhaps the 3:30 home kickoff will have them actually focused for a change.

I’d like to see them stretch the field a little more through the air by throwing to players other than just Derek Moye. Try and find Justin Brown more and how about a few throws to a tight end? Is Stephfon Green going to be back yet? Some screen passes to him sound pretty good, though I don’t have a lot of faith in the quarterbacks’ ability to throw them.

BSD: As rough as the passing game has been, is it possible that the running game has managed to be worse? What can Penn State do to free up some room to run for Silas Redd?

WFY: Penn State ought to try running Redd outside every now and then, maybe even pitch it to him. Let him use his speed! I think a big part of the running frustrations are due to playcalling. Would I like an offensive line that just runs over people? Of course, but until that happens, play to the backs strengths.

BSD: Even with the random drops, Derek Moye has been a fantastic wide receiver. Where does he rate amongst Williams, Butler, Norwood, and Bryant and Tony Johnson on your all-decade list?

WFY: The drops really bother me — I think he drops more of Bolden’s passes because Bolden throws harder which says his hands are not that good. I also think he’s not strong enough to be elite, he has trouble at time fighting for balls that DBs get their hands on (the Temple game comes to mind). I would put Moye only ahead of Tony Johnson on the all decade list.

BSD: Predictions?

WFY: Pain.

The Hawkeyes will have better Steelers uniforms than the Steelers. The Nittany Lions will keep it close enough for at least the first half to make it hurt. The Ombudsman will have post-game bourbon regardless of outcome, since it will be his birthday. Penn State will have to burn at least one timeout due to sideline confusion. Guido D’Elia will still play piped-in music instead of the Blue Band at inappropriate times. Joe Paterno will coach the whole game from the sidelines. Matt McGloin will remain shorter than Rob Bolden. ABC will show the field goal that ended the 2008 game and that blocked punt from 2009 more than I can handle. I will have at least one flashback to the rainy 1996 game that I’m still bitter about 15 years later. I’ll wish Anthony Morelli was quarterback again. Iowa 24 PENN STATE 13

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