The 2011 Washington Nationals season is over and I miss it. Part of what I miss about the near-daily experience of following the Nats is the radio team of Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler. Last Wednesday, I was quite grateful to have them as I got stuck working late before driving up to Pennsylvania. I wonder if it was the last time that the two will be paired together in the radio booth.

Back in August, it was reported that TV play-by-play man Bob Carpenter would not have his option picked up for 2012 (Nationals Journal, The Post). Following that report, Carpenter missed several games and Jageler filled in for him. My immediate thought was this was essentially an TV audition for Jageler. While Jageler would be an upgrade over Carpenter, I would really miss him on the radio — he’s an excellent straight man for Slowes. As for Carpenter, I’m kind of ambivalent about him and he has some detractors. I like his new home run call — “there it goes!”

Carpenter also did not have his option picked up at the end of 2007, only to be picked up later. My gut feeling is that isn’t going to happen again. You have to think that Jageler would be a very strong candidate for the TV play-by-play job. I wonder if Todd Kalas, who filled in for Jageler and was a colleague of Slowes from their Tampa Bay Devils Rays days would be a candidate.

I just though I would put this speculation out there, maybe somebody knows more about the situation and can enlighten us.

Also, F.P. Santangelo got profiled by DC Sports Bog yesterday. I think he improved over the season, but couldn’t point to specifics.

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