Nats hire media consultant to improve MASN deal – Nationals Journal, The Post
Every five years, the Washington Nationals get to renegotiate their “deal” with MASN, the subpar cable channel they are forced to be on because Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos is a coward. As you may recall, Angelos voted against D.C. getting a baseball team and commissioner Bud Selig shamefully ignored the MLB constitution and coddled Angelos with 90% of the Nats TV rights to start. The Nats stake is increasing at a rate of 1% annually until they get to 33%. They also get a “rights fee” which is about $29 million right.

Oh and Angelos kept the Nats and MASN off of most cable systems for all of 2005 and all but September of 2006. Washingtonians and Nats fans were punished because Angelos is a coward. This is why all Washingtonians need to boycott Oriole Park forever. Bad behavior can not be rewarded.

Did I get off on a rant there? Anyway, the Nats have hired Chris Bevilacqua to get a better deal from MASN. Bevilacqua has been involved in a number of deals, including the Texas Rangers and Houston Astros. He has a strong reputation, but he’s got a huge challenge extracting more money from Angelos. O’s president, Andy MacPhail (would your father approved of what the Orioles due to the Nats, Andy?) is resigning at the end of the month may be helpful to the Nats, but I doubt it. I wish Bevilacqua luck because the Nats ratings declined last season. At the very least, I hope he makes Angelos’ life miserable for a while.

Oh and if the Nats do get more from Angelos, he’ll jack up the cost to cable companies and scapegoat the Nats.

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