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BSD: The Nittany Lions now sit at #15 in the polls, having won 7 straight. Think back to the morning of September 3rd. What were your expectations for this team? Are they were you thought they would be today?

WFY: I expected this team to be 7-2 at best with a loss to Iowa thrown in because I also picked Iowa over Penn State until proven otherwise. I also expected Rob Bolden to have turned into a decent quarterback by now and the defense to be improved, but not this improved. I did not expect Silas Redd to be this good. Lastly, I did not expect Penn State to have a 2½ game lead in the (looks it up) Leaders Division.

BSD: The defense has obviously been spectacular, and several players have made game changing contributions. For much of the year, the defensive MVP has looked like Devon Still, who is playing as well (or maybe even better) than Jared Odrick during his stellar senior campaign. Recently, Gerald Hodges has been virtually unstoppable. Who is the defensive MVP after nine weeks?

WFY: Devon Still has been a beast throughout the season. He has what, 15½ tackles for a loss this year? Outstanding. He’s the defensive MVP. Gerald Hodges is probably the runner up, he’s really come on this month. Overall, I’m quite pleased with the defense, I knew they would be better, but I didn’t think they’d be this much better.

BSD: Is there any appropriate way to get Rob Bolden playing time at this juncture? What do you expect will happen with him by the end of the year?

WFY: Rob Bolden is Saturday’s starter.

The only appropriate ways for Bolden to play are at the end of a blowout with Penn State up big or if McGloin gets injured. I was in favor of him playing in the second quarter since McGloin was having problems, but Bolden is just lost. I think he leaves the program which is a shame, but I can’t blame him. Starting as a true frosh was the worst thing that could ever happen to him and supports the old Joe Paterno cliche “I’d rather play a kid too late than too early.”

Nice to hear his mom thinks he’s taking it well
, certainly not the impression one gets from his sideline demeanor.

BSD: Silas Redd has rushed for over 1000 yards and still has at least four games left on the schedule. What will he finish with for the year?

WFY: I think Silas Redd finishes with between 1,300 and 1,400 yards in the regular season and a lot of stingers. Oh and All-Big Ten as well. Figure on another 100 yards in post-season play.

BSD: Most Penn State fans have embraced this teams “win ugly” attitude and believe they can finish strong. If this team were to lose 2 of the next 3, how will that change your opinion of them?

WFY: I don’t think my opinion would change much if they only won once in November for a few reasons — they have tougher teams on the schedule and the last two games are on the road. Only blowouts in the last 3 games could make me feel really bad, but I’ll be disappointed if and when they lose because they have come so far. Winning 2 out of 3 would be outstanding and 3 out of 3 is a mortal lock to not happen I’m afraid.

BSD: Predict the team’s record and bowl game.

WFY: I predicted a 9-4 season at the outset, some I am going to stick to that here, much as it pains me to do so. I think they’ll go to the Capital One Bowl or possibly the Gator Bowl. Outback is out because they went last year.

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