The first snow of the 2011-2012 winter has already fallen here on the East Coast, so my thought have turned to skiing. Hopefully, I will make it out to the slopes more than once this winter. I also hope to get my 3 year old son on the slopes for the first time. I would be curious to get some insight on which resorts are great for little guys like him.

In order to prepare for the ski season, I have already started exercising specifically to get ready for skiing. Doing wall-sit exercises for just a few minutes a day has made a huge difference in how much better I skied in the past, so I am not slacking this season. I really noticed it when I did not do as many wall-sits leading up to skiing last year’s trip.

I have also decided to get my own helmet this year. I wore one when I went to Whitetail last season and had no issues with it. Any suggestions one where I can get a helmet for a good price? Online or in-store is fine with me.

Traditionally, I have skied in the Poconos, but I am thinking this may be the year I head out to Western Pennsylvania. What is the best bet out that way? One of these years, perhaps I will get out to Colorado again like I did in 1999.

Lastly, two videos, one instructional:

and one inspirational:


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