Bolden’s mom: He’d be content as backup – Nittany Extra, Reading Eagle
A bit of bombshell came out last night in the link above — Rob Bolden‘s mother said he would be okay with being a backup right now. Now, this is not from Bolden himself, but his mother is as good a source as any on what he’s thinking.

“I think that he would be content in a backup role,” Bolden’s mother, Tonia Williams, said. “I just always tell him to go out there and do his best and to look at the plays more often and you know, there’s always room for improvement.”

Williams said that her son is 19 years old and continuing to grow as both a player and as a person. She said sometimes it’s “tough to tell” if he’s made progress from last year to this year, but the one thing she does know is that he’s doing the best he can to improve.

Handling the situation as a starter and backup, while splitting repetitions and rotating by quarters and by series, hasn’t worn on her son too much, Williams said. When she talks with Bolden, she said he remains upbeat and optimistic, though she said she’s unsure what his future holds.

Now you can take this all with a grain of salt and I almost expect a denial to be issued by his mother today.

This also makes the theory that Bolden’s father was more behind the transfer drama than the quarterback seem more likely. Bolden’s mother did not want him leaving Penn State in the first place.

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