Ben Goessling leaving Nats beat, MASN; other changes coming?

We don’t know how much change we’ll see in media covering the Washington Nationals in 2012, but there is now an official departure. Ben Goessling will be leaving MASN to go back to his hometown paper, the Pioneer-Press in St. Paul to cover the Minnesota Twins. I haven’t read him regularly since he moved to MASN, but I do recall him mouthing off about the Nats in 2010 which certainly fit with the MASN view. Don’t let the door hit you in the…

Also, there is speculation about the role of “the sideline reporter” on MASN telecasts. @LetTeddyWin noted several weeks ago that Debbi Taylor’s blog is gone from MASN’s Web site. Addition by subtraction?

Still no word on if Bob Carpenter will return as the play-by-play man for telecasts. His contract was up and there has been plenty of speculation he won’t be back. I would not be shocked if Dave Jageler took over, though that’s just a hunch.

In other news, Thomas Boswell is excited about the winter meetings, but doesn’t really say anything (The Post).

By the way, I don’t want the Nats to sign Prince Fielder. He may only be 27, but he is probably going to to be using “Old Player Skills” for most of whatever contract he signs. Also, his last name is kind of ironic when you look at his UZR.

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