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Three years and two days ago, I posted that as part of the 11th Street Bridge reconstruction, the bridge would likely become Interstate 695. Technically, the Southeast Freeway has always been I-695, but it has never been posted. Thanks to a photograph from Adam Froehlig, we now have confirmation that I-695 has been approved and will be posted. Technically, it isn’t posted on any open section of highway yet. Here is an approximation of I-695 on a map:

Numbered freeways in D.C. with new I-695 posting
A map of SE Washington D.C. showing numbered freeways including the newly posted I-695. New construction not shown. Map by Google Maps and W.F. Yurasko.

The SE Freeway east of the 11th Street Bridge interchange loses the I-695 designation which is just as well since it will likely be turned into an urban boulevard.

Of course, if the Barney Circle Freeway extension of the Southeast Freeway had just been built (for far lower cost)…

Barney Circle Freeway bridge (unbuilt)

PROJECT WEB SITE: 11th Street Bridge Project

The 295 corridor (which includes I-295/DC 295 Anacostia Freeway and the Baltimore/Washington Parkway which is MD 295 along the non-National Park Service maintained portion near Baltimore) will now intersect with two I-695s just 31 miles apart. By the way, there needs to be some sort of 295 designation along the NPS section of the B/W Parkway along with a unified mileage-based exit numbering system from the Capital Beltway (I-95/495)/National Harbor interchange to I-95 in Baltimore.

H/T to Steve Anderson of and now on twitter @easternroads.

Highway markers by Shields Up!

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