Yale coach Tom Williams resigns after lying about Rhodes candidacy – Campus Rivalry, USA Today
Yale Accepts Coach Williams’ Resignation – Yale Sports Publicity
Yale Bulldogs head coach Tom Williams has resigned effective the end of the year. A controversy over Williams’ Rhodes Scholarship claims that came up in November is the official reason.

When the Williams story broke, I wondered if that would be it for him. Yale would have a hard time firing him in my view, because they did not do their due diligence, but I could certainly see how it would be uncomfortable for him there. Losing to Harvard annually, particularly after a failed 4th and 22 fake punt in the 4th quarter (with the lead) against Harvard in 2009, might have hurt more.

I would not be surprised to see Penn State QB coach Jay Paterno seek the Yale job. Like most or all of Penn State’s staff, he is a lame duck with an expected housecleaning of the football program following the bowl game. Yale is a prestigious university, historic football program, grand stadium and lots of smart players who are there for the love of the game.

Jay’s father, Joe, sought the Yale job in the early 1960s, but Jon Pont was hired instead. After Pont left for Indiana, Yale sought the elder Paterno, but by then he was confident he could get the Penn State job. Carm Cozza was hired instead and led the Bulldogs for about 25 years.

Whether Yale has any interest in a position coach taking over after Williams underwhelming tenure or anybody associated with Penn State is a big question. Call it a decent hunch that Jay Paterno is interested though. Obviously, we don’t know what opportunities in the future (if any), but years from now, would you rather have said you were the head coach at a MAC program or Yale?

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