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Going all the way back to 2005, Mark Zuckerman compiled the Washington Nationals all-time statistical leaders. He provided this warning:

WARNING: Reading these lists will elicit a wide range of emotions, from smiles to frowns to laughter to tears to sheer dumbfoundedness (and yes, I know that’s not a real word, but trust me, it will apply to a few of these names)…

To qualify, a player needed at least a full season with the team.

  • Perennially injured Nick Johnson has the third most games
  • Michael Morse is already 3rd on the home run list
  • Ryan Zimmerman has 283 more RBI than the next closest Nat — Johnson
  • Zimmerman has 366 more hits than the next closest — Cristian Guzmán
  • Dmitri Young is the only player with a batting average over .300. Morse is in second place with .295.
  • Reliever Tyler Clippard has the 3rd most wins with 19
  • Livan Hernandez and John Lannan are the only pitchers with more than 100 starts with 129 and 128, respectively
  • Nyjer Morgan is the leader in stolen bases.
  • Errors committed was not included
  • Neither were managerial wins/winning percentage

The Nats really have been as awful as people said. Thanks to Zuckerman for compiling this it had to have been depressing.

I’d love to see the all-time D.C. stats with both incarnations of the Senators included as well.

UPDATE: Here they are from the blog D.C. Baseball History – D.C. Baseball Yesterday and Today Hitting | Pitching. Not a lot of modern Nats on those lists yet. Chad Cordero is the all-time saves leader though. It is safe to say most of the pitching records will never be broken.

Pitchers and catchers report one month from today.

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